In a interdepartmental and multidisciplinary project, BCDI’s dedicated staff recently received news that a publication entitled, “Practical challenges associated with efanesoctocog alfa (ALTUVIIIO) prophylaxis in a 19-month-old male with severe hemophilia A” was accepted for publication in Pediatric Blood & Cancer, which is the official publication of the American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.

BCDI physicians Dr. Jessica Mistretta, Dr. Maria Espanol, Dr. Jonathan Roberts, Dr. Michael Tarantino, plus Pharmacy Manager Dane Christ and Laboratory Manager Maureen Jones collaborated on this publication. Within the report, BCDI’s expert team chronicles the unique challenges starting ALTUVIIIO prophylaxis in a 19-month-old boy with severe hemophilia A. This Letter to the Editor helped encourage refinement of the package insert recommended administration of ALTUVIIIO to patients with hemophilia A.

To read the Letter to the Editor, which will feature in the June 2024 edition of Pediatric Blood & Cancer, Click Here!