The mission of the BCDI Medical Home program is to provide exceptional care using a patient-centered environment, for children and adults with bleeding, blood clotting and other blood disorders. Through collaboration with each individual, specialist, hospital and other healthcare providers, the patient, at all times, remains the focus of care and receives the benefits of a smooth healthcare continuum.

Goals of BCDI Medical Home:

  • Provide patient-centered care to meet the healthcare needs of our patient population
  • Collaborate with individuals, specialists and hospitals to provide healthcare continuum for our patients
  • Provide patients with support, education and resources they need to achieve optimal results with the greatest ease possible

Objectives of BCDI Medical Home:

  • Establish and maintain open communication with the healthcare community regarding our patients’ health
  • Empower our patients to participate in their healthcare
  • Increase patient awareness of BCDI as their medical home
  • Facilitate continuous improvements through quality improvement projects
  • Maintain BCDI’s Medical Home certification

Strategic Plan for BCDI Medical Home:

  • Review patient satisfaction surveys annually and determine if the medical home program is meeting the needs of our patient population
  • Establish Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives based on the needs of the organization for any issues that are brought to light from the surveys
  • Establish communication with Peoria area hospitals, primary care providers, and other specialists and maintain open communication through conscious effort and standard protocols
  • Maintain all documentation in patient medical chart pertaining to patient care to ensure continued participation as a medical home