BCDI Pharmacy Program Benefits


Cost Reduction

As a not for profit Hemophilia Treatment Center of Excellence, we are able to purchase clotting factor through the Public Health Service’s 340B drug discount program for eligible patients. This benefit, along with our pricing structure, benefits you. It saves you money, maximizes your insurance coverage, and reduces your total expense to the healthcare system.

Comprehensive Care Management

Our integrated care model means that your care is a collaborative effort. The pharmacy team is in constant contact with your clinical care team regarding your treatment and is able to proactively address items like repeated breakthrough bleeds.

Patient Communication

Our staff is available 24/7/365 for support or to provide information about plasma-derived and recombinant products. We offer the full range of service, products and supplies to meet your needs and goals.

The BCDI Pharmacy staff are available to patients and caregivers to assist with any questions or necessary training you may have or need including, but not limited to:

  • Education on administration and use of the medication therapy
  • Infusion training
  • Medication adherence
  • Behavioral health and quality of life assessment
  • Side effect management

Supplies and Waste Disposal

The BCDI Pharmacy provides all clotting factor supplies and provides a Sharps Disposal Program at no additional cost to our patients. This service promotes the safety and wellbeing of all our patients and their families.

Patient Assistance Programs

The BCDI Pharmacy can help you resolve any insurance or payment issues, and can help bridge gaps in coverage. We can also help patients with enrollment to various patient assistance programs, so they have access to clotting factor during a lapse in coverage.

BCDI Pharmacy Program Accreditation

The BCDI Pharmacy program is accredited by both URAC and ACHC. These accreditations speak to our commitment in maintaining nationwide best practices in patient care and customer service for all patients and their families. Through integrated care and continued education, BCDI strives to be your number one resource and partner in advocacy, to which URAC and ACHC acknowledge our excellence.


To learn more about URAC and the accreditation process, click here.

To learn more about ACHC and the accreditation process click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compassionate Waiver

The BCDI Pharmacy can help you resolve any insurance or payment issues, and can help bridge gaps in coverage. Our team will work with you to obtain assistance through various patient assistance programs, including our own compassionate waiver program. Your BCDI team will work with you to ensure you are never without access to the medications you need to treat your bleeding or clotting disorder.

Did you know that the State of Illinois has a hemophilia program to assist with access to your clotting factor and other medications to treat hemophilia? To apply, please complete the attached application and submit it to:

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
ATTN: Hemophilia Program
P.O. Box 19129
Springfield, IL 62794-9129

Application to the State Hemophilia Program Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services