Here at BCDI we provide comprehensive, specialized laboratory services tailored around our most important focus: You.

The experienced phlebotomy staff will provide you with individualized, low stress blood collection services. Our phlebotomists are skilled in blood collection techniques for all ages. Medical laboratory scientists perform many of the specialized tests needed for diagnosis and treatment monitoring, right here in the BCDI building.

We partner with other local laboratories and national reference laboratories to help provide you with convenient laboratory testing that meets your needs. All laboratory staff ensure that your providers have the quality test results needed to diagnose and monitor your health.

In-House Test Menu

Due to our highly specialized area of practice in bleeding and clotting disorders, our laboratory provides many – if not more – services than local hospitals and larger clinics provide.

Our intimate setting and experience make the phlebotomy experience less traumatic than that of a large hospital, which can often be intimidating and frightening. Below is a glimpse at the tests and services we provide:

  • Platelet Function Assay
  • Platelet Aggregation Studies
  • Protime/INR
  • Protime Mixing Study
  • Protime Inhibitor Screen
  • APTT
  • APTT Mixing Study
  • APTT Inhibitor Screen
  • Von Willebrand Antigen
  • Von Willebrand Activity (Ristocetin Cofactor)
  • Factor VIII Activity
  • Chromogenic Factor VIII Activity
  • Factor VIII Inhibitor Screen
  • Factor VIII Bethesda Assay
  • Factor IX Activity
  • Factor IX Inhibitor Screen
  • Factor IX Bethesda Assay
  • Complete Blood Cell Count with 5-part white cell differential
  • Peripheral Smear Evaluation
  • Point of care Protime/INR