Celebrating World Hemophilia Day

Each year, on April 17th, we aim to bring awareness about hemophilia and other bleeding disorders to the forefront worldwide – and within our own personal circles of influence. The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2020 is “GET+INVOLVED” and serves as a call to action for patients, providers, family members and corporate partners to drive forward the message of Treatment for All.

Even though our connected world offers great access to information about inherited bleeding disorders and treatment, we know that there is still a lack of knowledge among the general population.

As with many activities today, our recognition must be done in a way that keeps families and communities safe. Here are some ideas for celebrating World Hemophilia Day 2020, even as you practice social distancing:

Learn more about Frank Schnabel’s vision to advance treatment for all through the World Federation for Hemophilia (WFH).

Promote Hemophilia awareness with a few keystrokes or clicks. Get the 2020 Social Media Toolkit here and use the following hashtags:


Wear red in solidarity with other hemophilia warriors and advocates. Even if you’re following a stay-at-home order, you’l feel a sense of kinship knowing that others throughout the world are also wearing red – and if you’re doing a video chat, your red will make a statement across the miles.

Get kids involved with the In-HemoAction Card Game and learning activity. Download a PDF which includes cards you can cut out or purchase a game box online.

On April 17th, letters collectively celebrate the advancements in bleeding disorders treatment and continue to move awareness forward, while staying safe in our homes so we can flatten the curve together. If you have questions about COVID-19 for individuals with bleeding disorders, please call our office and our team will be happy to help.  Be safe. Stay healthy!

Celebrating World Hemophilia Day