Dr. Michael Tarantino

Dr. Michael Tarantino was published in the Journal of Medical Economics for the study “Primary immune thrombocytopenia in US clinical practice: incidence and healthcare burden in first 12 months following diagnosis.”

The Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Institute is proud to announce that Dr. Michael Tarantino, Chief Medical Officer, is an author on this recent publication in the Journal of Medical Economics. Little is known about the number of incidence of ITP in the US and even less is known about the current healthcare burden of ITP.

The study used retrospective data from two private US healthcare claim databases (2010-2016) to identify people with newly diagnosed ITP. The patients ages and sex were tracked and then the summarized healthcare utilization and expenditures during the first 12 months after ITP diagnosis was analyzed. It became apparent that the annual incidence of ITP in the US was 6.1 per 100,000 people.

The findings suggest that nearly 20,000 children and adults are newly diagnosed with ITP each year in the US. This is substantially higher than previously reported. The patients requiring formal medical care, the economic burden during the first 12 months is high with the estimated US expenditures totaling over $400 million.