Dr. Tarantino Pedals for Platelets through Tucson Arizona

Dr. Michael Tarantino is recognized worldwide for his signal contributions to the bleeding and clotting disorders community. Such contributions include authoring well over 100 abstracts and publications, and playing a pivotal role as lead investigator on several research studies that have helped to shape care for the patients affected with bleeding and clotting disorders.

In his free time, Dr. Tarantino enjoys bicycling and has logged over 7,000 miles this year alone! His passions will come together in late November as Dr. Tarantino Pedals for Platelets through Tucson Arizona, competing in the El Tour De Tucson in an effort to help raise awareness and funding for the tens of thousands of people who are affected with ITP and other Platelet Disorders!

Please consider helping him meet his goal of raising $5,000 by making a tax deductible gift in his honor!