Dr. Tarantino Travels to Milan, Italy to Speak on Hemophilia

Medical Director of the Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Institute, Dr. Michael Tarantino, a world-renowned thought leader in hematology with over 25 years of experience in his field, has devoted his medical career to the management of bleeding and clotting disorders, as well as non-malignant hematology for over two decades.

He recently traveled to Milan, Italy to give the keynote address on Acquired Hemophilia, to an expert panel of hematologists from across Italy. The conference, titled “The Diagnosis and Treatment of Acquired Hemophilia A,” addressed the unique challenges for patients with this severe bleeding disorder, and the physicians that treat it. Dr. Tarantino shared his practice experience with the Italian experts.

*Pictured in photo (From Left: Allesandro Gringeri, Cristina Santoro, Ezio Zanon, Renato Marino, Michael Tarantino, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, Piercarla Schinco)